Lovelyloft was born in the spring of 2014 from my passion for furniture and hospitality and from my pleasure in telling about Milano.

Journalist, 44 years old, I live with my family in the Ticinese neighborhood where people still greet you with a smile. Born in nearby Varese, I’ve been living next door to the ‘Madonnina’ for more than 20 years and I feel 100% milanese.

I know every part of Milan, having explored it as a journalist to report all types of news, from demonstrations to the events and happening of this exciting metropolis: capital of fashion and design, culture, volunteering and this year also food with Expo 2015. ‘First of ten cities must to see in the 2015’ (New York Times).

The transition from journalism to hospitality is not so difficult: this economic crisis is for most people a challenge to start new careers and this was my case. Passion can help, fortunately. I have always enjoyed furnishing and decorating my houses with vintage and design pieces found at fairs and flea markets. And I have always enjoyed hosting my friends who drop by Milan, offering them a cozy bed, a nice place and a good coffee in the morning. Now this is my career.

Jasmine, Oleander, Linden: the apartments differ in size but all are in the same neighborhood- the Navigli- famous for their nightlife and history. They take their name from the plants that adorn the entrance or the balcony to give you a green and scented welcome.

Whatever you choose, I’ll make you feel at home by:

– welcoming you in a cozy and furnished place decorated with love, where besides the useful domestic appliances and the indispensable wifi, there are also books, CDs and something always available in the kitchen for a snack or breakfast, like in a real home.

– helping you to discover the authentic Milan with useful tips about places to visit, the best itineraries or the right places attended by locals for a happy hour, a dinner or an exciting night.

– keeping in touch with you for information or emergencies through your favorite mode of communication: email, phone, Whatsapp, Facebook.

Have a great stay in Milan,

Claudia Emilitri


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